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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Beta Steps

Work on CampusWorks is moving along quite well. The CPCC part of the site has launched and we will do a little promotion for it with the beginning of the Fall semester. Promotions for it will probably consist of flyers that will be posted around the Charlotte area campuses and possibly an ad in the school newspaper.

The key to success will be in finding some very unique & interesting voices for the site. I only have one person for CP so far, other than myself, but I know they are out there. I just have to find them! This is basically the beta test for the entire site. Improvements, of course, are on-going, but I am very interested in hearing what people think and implementing suggestions that will make for a better user experience.

What do you think of CampusWorks?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

It All Starts With An Idea

A few years ago, during my long and as of today still to be completed journey through higher learning, I became frustrated. Every semester I was faced with the same struggle that every student faces at the end of his/her term: What do I do with all these massive, overly highlighted and overly expensive textbooks. I could hang on to them in the hope that one day when I am 62 and cannot for the life of me remember Avogadro's Constant, I'll be grateful that I can go up into my attic and dig out my old Physics textbook. Or I could sell them back to the bookstore and get 15% of what I paid for it three months earlier.

Little by little that frustration helped the small and slightly alcohol stained cogs (read: my brain) start to turn and bubble out some ideas. Then it hit me! I would create an internet superstore for used textbooks, cds, movies, and videogames, cause if anyone has more than their fair share of these it is college students. Then I found And I was bummed out, but I still thought that I had some very smart ideas and angles.

Slowly over the past couple of years that idea, after a few false starts and retooling, has evolved into what I am currently devoting my time to. The scattered fragments of time that I can piece together after, of course, my family, school and work. I am really excited about what it has become and where it is going. There are to few things that are as satisfying as taking your idea and making it a reality.